Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Widow’s Summer Romance

widow's romance Dateline: August 2006 She assumed it would be a summer fling. But when Daryl gets serious about their future, Deena fears she’ll lose her independence.               
A widow for just a year, Deena’s finally rebuilding her life. She married Justin, a Navy sailor, and had Ian, when she was still a teenager, accustomed to being the “good girl,” who acquiesced to everyone. She’s grown up and no longer willing to compromise her own desires. Would Daryl accept this new empowered Deena? When a girl is ready to embrace her own power, she becomes a woman. She answers to herself first. Daryl and Deena are in love. They’d make the perfect family, but since she is unwilling to move to his hometown, it doesn’t seem possible to make it work. Love is never easy when two people live in different cities, and Skyping only goes so far! I drove across the bridge and onto St. Simons Island on July first, exactly one year after Justin’s death.

Bloodlust: A Killer Love Story

romance books-love stories-true romance-romance stories-romance ebooksDateline: October 2001

“Celene, you’re too sweet, too naïve,” my best friend told me as I dropped a five-dollar bill into the lap of a man who was panhandling on the sidewalk. “One of these days, I won’t be around to protect you from yourself.” “Why? Where are you going? Seems to me you’ve been around half my life, protecting me from myself.”
“I mean it, Celene! There are two halves in this world: the good and the evil. And it seems that the evil is always looking to harm the good.”

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Madman Tried To Replace My Husband!

madman tried to replace my husband
Dateline: May 1970 After three weeks and four days of no word from my husband, Val, in Vietnam—right on top of the mail in my box was an overseas letter. I unlocked the foyer door and ran headlong up the flight of stairs to my apartment, ecstatic with relief. I dumped my grocery sacks and the rest of the mail every-which-way on the daybed and started to tear open that letter.