Friday, June 13, 2014

The Road To Madness

The Road To Madness
Her dreadful secret was out! Even the man she loved knew – and knowing, despised her. What could she possibly do?
Dateline:May 1933 She had a terrible, dark secret -- she was a prescription drug addict. It was a long time ago and she has completely turned her life around, but her past threatens to ruin her future. In love and engaged to be married to a wonderful man, Margerie struggles with her conscience. Should she tell her fiance the truth? What if he rejects her as all the others did? How can she risk losing everything? This story from the 1930’s is remarkably current and universal in so many ways. Problems with addiction, secrets that can’t be buried. Who doesn’t have a secret or two? And, who doesn’t yearn to be loved for who they truly are -- flaws and all.   The suddenness of the question threw me off my guard. I began to lie shamelessly Her dreadful secret was out! Even the man she loved knew— and knowing, despised her. What could she possibly do?

That Crazy Girl

that crazy girl
Love is so beautiful—so terrible—so awesome a thing. It came to her like a tropical dawn—in a matchless sweep of breathless beauty and wonder, yet. . .
Dateline: April 1937 

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They were falling deeply in love, but she held a secret: Myra was the cause of all his bitterness. She caused his plane to crash during the town air-derby, forever destroying his ability to fly. He knew the name, but had never seen the face of the woman responsible. Destiny (with a little help from Myra) brings them together again, and they are immediately love-struck. Myra never reveals her true identity. Who could blame her?When Dick proposes, she fears it’s the end. Is it a tragic love story, or, a triumph of the human spirit? Would love be enough to forgive the guilty -- who managed to deliver two blows to the heart by not only causingthe accident, but also lying about who she was?