Friday, May 30, 2014

My Heart Is A Living Tomb

my heart is a living tombcropWar had robbed her of her lover—another war gave him back to her. But now she was the wife of another. Her lover had been faithful all these years. Should she now go back to her first love?
Dateline: April 1925 Her life seemed perfect, but no one knew the heartache she suffered. She had experienced an extraordinary love, but it was stolen from her when her lover died in battle.

Why He Married Her

why he married her
She longed for her husband's love, but lived always in the knowledge that one had been there before her.
Dateline: February 1929 I never saw Lila Lane. I first heard of her when I came to Lanesville to teach school. She had passed away the spring before, leaving a disconsolate husband and four babies. The sad event had been the occasion of much discussion, and expressions of sympathy in the community.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Forbidden Dreams

From the January 1949 issue of True Romance Magazine:

Laurie agreed with Bill -- they were meant for each other. But would he still think so when he knew the secret she kept locked in her heart?
Dateline: January 1949 She had a secret that made her different from other girls. Rightly or wrongly, she believed it made her unlovable. 
Laurie was never a “party girl.” She was quiet, sensitive, unassuming. Was there a man who would find her attractive? He was vivid in her dreams, but did he really exist? When she meets Bill, she recognizes her soul mate, but fears he’s too good to be true. Why do we focus on what we’re not and let our insecurities run us ragged? Laurie was a gentle soul who required an equally gentle man. It was all about finding the right fit (isn’t it always?) and believing we are perfect just as we are. Are Laurie and Bill truly matched for each other? Are they destined to live happily ever after?